Farming for the Hungry

Today, we at Lust for Cooking salute another Food Champion.

Jonathan Lawler owns a large farm in Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis, and he is using it to feed the hungry in his area. Formerly a for-profit farm in the agro-business, he has converted it into a non-profit that specializes in filling a vital need – a need he didn’t know existed until his son mentioned something interesting one day after school.

He young son came home one day and said that another kid at school had to take food home from the food pantry (major props to this school for having a food pantry, by the way, a growing trend in public schools for the students in need to use on an anonymous basis).

This shocked Lawler, who found it hard to believe that anyone could be going hungry in a farming community. But of course, the farming business has changed hasn’t it? You can no longer pass a farm while walking to school and pick a stray strawberry or green been from the side of the road. Today farms are encouraged to mass-produce a single crop. By the the government. Really. Specifically corn and soy (and we’re not talking the yummy kind either), because they can be sold in bulk to food processors to make cheap sugar substitutes and oils.

Realizing this, Lawler not only converted to a non-profit, but diversified his farm so that the hungry will have access to the nutritional foods they need. And he has plans to grow! Check it out:

Keep up the good work!

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