The BEST Beginner’s Cookbook

It happens to the best of us. You really want to learn how to cook, but when you go to the bookstore (assuming there still is one in your town) you’re overwhelmed by the gargantuan selection of cookbooks. Out of pure frustration, you go home empty-handed, or worse, armed with something by Julia Child because you recognize the name, only to find out you don’t understand a word of it. Where the hell to start?? I’m glad you asked.

Our #1 pick for beginner cookbooks here at Lust for Cooking is What to Cook and How to Cook It, by Jane Hornby.

This is where is all began – where Lust for Cooking was born. This cookbook, quite literally, changed our lives. Before What to Cook and How to Cook It, Dijorno was a challenge.

Sound a little melodramatic? Perhaps. But it’s true. This was the first cookbook that really taught us, not just what to cook but how. What makes this cookbook so damn special, you ask? Good question. There are a few reasons, but first and foremost, it’s all about the pictures. Tell me this doesn’t turn you on –wtchtc-sample

Ok, it’s not a naked body. But in the land of cookbooks, this is awesome. All of the ingredients visually laid out and in their measurements. For new cooks, this is the holy grail.

Because, first of all, there’s nothing worse than a cookbook with NO pictures, amiright? If you can’t even see the finished product, then you don’t even know what you’re shooting for. But even with a beautifully photographed, mouth-watering picture of a finished dish, you still may get lost in the ingredients list. As in what the hell is tahini (and, by the way, did you know that coriander and cilantro are the same thing)?

This book will not leave you scratching your head. Everything is pictured for you, so you look like a champ at the grocery store. By the way, can you guess what dish these ingredients will create?

It doesn’t stop there. Each step in the cooking process has its own photograph, as well as the finish line –


You can’t go wrong. Hornby also answers any pesky questions that may come up. So what is tahini? The answer is on page 193.

Make no mistake – this isn’t 101 ways to use Hamburger Helper or how to dress up Cup-O-Noodles. This is legit cooking from scratch, but broken down into an easy-to-follow, accessable way. You will be impressing your friends with delicious meals in no time. We promise. #wevebeenthere

To grab your own copy, click here.

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