Here at Lust for Cooking, we’re a little serious, a little sexy, and a little goofy all at the same time. Let’s face it, those are the best ingredients for a good time in the kitchen. Here are the topics we plan to cover. You can view posts by topic by selecting the category of your choice on the left of the page.


Here we will spotlight the people or organizations that promote the best food practices. If you’re going to find anything about chefs or restaurants it will be here, but you’ll also read about food rescuers, people who run food kitchens, other bloggers, and whoever else happens to impress us.


This will be one of the nerdy sections. We’re pretty nerdy around here. Here we’ll look at ways that food and culture and history interact, and it’s impossible for them not to. Something we hope Gastronomica would appreciate.


Because one cannot talk about food in the United States without also discussing health. But no exercise routines or fad diets here. We figure you get enough of that. This will be a broader scope of the impact of our food habits on our body and minds. This is probably where you’ll have your serious face on.


Every choice we make as consumers is a political choice. Food is one of the most profoundly political tools we have in our pockets. Choose wisely, my friends. Choose wisely.


Inspiration. Photographs. Memes.


Enough with the serious talk. This is where things get fun. Lord knows, there are billions of recipes on the Internet, so you really don’t need any more from us. Our promise: We won’t always post recipes, but when we do they will be fun. Sexy and silly and ridiculous and fun.  Each recipe will be accompanied by a sexy voice-over, and if you don’t want to cook after listening to these, then I can’t do anything for you.


Here we will talk about the books that inspire us and the tools we love. Probably won’t see a lot of negative reviews unless something is just an absolute dud.


Both fictional and non. Here we show our literary side.

Tips & Tricks

You’ve heard it: “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” Said someone, somewhere. Perhaps even better than recipes are tricks you can use in multiple recipes. These are tools to help your cooking become independent.


Yes. You read that right. Zombies. Why the hell are zombies a category? Because they represent everything we don’t want to be: Mindless (cannibalistic) eaters who destroy the world through over consumption. Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Also we’re suckers for zombie movies and books about the apocalypse, so why not got there?